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20th Century Fox is film and television broadcasting company who is normally seen as a rival to Warner Bros, the primary company behind LEGO Dimensions. In film, they are known for being the owners of several franchises such as Ice Age, Avatar, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Independence Day, Taken, Rio, Night at the Museum, Alien/Prometheus, Predator, the film adaptation of The A-Team, and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

In television, they are known for The Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, Archer, How I Met Your Mother, King of the Hill, Modern Family, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, American Dad!, and plenty more.

The company is heavily recognized for the orchestral tune that plays with their logo at the beginning of their films, and occasionally after the end credits of one of their television shows.

They licensed the rights to use The Simpsons to Warner Bros. for the game, though the uses are limited, presumably due to Fox requiring the use of series audio or voiceover to be licensed separately from the IP itself, resulting in additional costs that could not be properly worked into the game's budget.

In Year 2, Fox was responsible for licensing usage of The A-Team, though the usage is significantly more than The Simpsons.


  • Prior to the release of the game, Fox previously worked with LEGO to produce two sets and two lines of minifigures based on The Simpsons, after airing the Brick Like Me episode in which Homer wakes up to find himself as a minifigure in a LEGO version of Springfield. Emmet and Wyldstyle even made a cameo appearance in this episode.
  • Unikitty's special quote towards Bad Cop is a reference to Taken, which is a film franchise owned by Fox that starred Bad Cop's voice actor, Liam Neeson.
  • Contrast to the other licensing companies involved with this game, it is suspected that 20th Century Fox either wasn't eager to loan the license to Warner Bros., or Fox demanded use of the series audio or voiceover to be licensed separately from the IP itself, which might cause the game to go over budget, as it is evident that the iconic theme song of the series is never heard in the game. It is also noted that no characters with the exception of Dan Castellaneta's (which include Homer Simpson and Krusty the Clown) ever speak in the game, and even then, all of his characters use archive footage. This implies that Warner Bros. could only afford archive audio from Dan Castellaneta during the development of the game.
    • Or it could be because that Fox might've been working with Disney to make figures of Avatar for Disney Infinity (which never got released).
    • Several sources, however, have claimed that four out of six of the main cast were called in to record lines, however, in the final game, none of these recordings were used. It might be because the developers thought that using those lines would blow the budget of the game probably because of a price or separated licensing Fox requested for their use, so they decided to only use archive audio from Dan Castellaneta. It's unknown if they're in the game's files or not.
    • This results in several awkward situations, especially for Bart Simpson, who is a playable character. Bart is frequently seen talking up a storm in the show and even has an idle animation where he fires his slingshot and laughs, but no sound is heard, due to Nancy Cartwright being unavailable at that time.
    • In Year 2, however, Fox was more eager with usage towards the A-Team due to Fox being significantly less protective of the property.
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