This is the transcript page for the level A Book and a Bad Guy.

The Treehouse

Candy Kingdom

Mount Cragdor

  • Key-Pur: Greeting young heroes to be... This mountain is called Cragdor, its purpose is twofold - to protect the Enchiridion and to test the hearts of those who seek to possess it. Many noble challengers have entered attempting to pass the grueling trails... that lie behind these walls, but no one has ever left here, alive or dead. Only the truest, most worthy hero can receive the hero's Enchiridion and walk out these doors again. If it is you friend, ahhhooo and I cannot say that I am certain, but you are verily welcome to try, however, first you must pass my riddle.
  • Key-Pur: Ooooohhhhhhh you've unlocked the riddle in the door. Ha haaar! Brilliantly done, child.
  • Key-Pur: You've passed the first trial, young heroes, but prepare yourselves... for there are many trials ahead of you, and each trial is more treacherous than the last.
  • Finn: We are in the computer world, we're computer boys, not computer girls.
  • Jake: In a game I can be who I virtually am.
  • Finn: I can walk and sing, I can kill Silly Sam.
  • Finn: What ya got, Jake?
  • Jake: Hmm... I'm thinking some wheels?

Ogre Defeated

  • Finn: Jake!
  • Finn: Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkeeeeeee!
  • Finn: I'm coming buddy.
  • Ogre: Har har har har!
  • Finn: I got your wallet, man.
  • Ogre: Oh my big money. Give it back!
  • Finn: I'll give you your dollar... here's your dollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar!
  • Finn: Jake!
  • Finn: You're ok!
  • Jake: Stomachs are weird.
  • Jake: Skidow!!!
  • Ogre: You're under arrest for stealing my dollar!.
  • Finn: Just a minute, Jake.
  • Ogre: Hey!
  • Jake: You know what that was? That was righteous.
  • Finn: Thanks Jake...

Evil Guy Defeated

  • Dark Magician: Now as one last, last trial.
  • Dark Magician: Slay this ant!
  • Finn: Is it evil?
  • Dark Magician: No! But it's not good either... it's er...
  • Dark Magician: Neutral, will ya' slay it?
  • Finn: No!
  • Finn: Never. Never. NEVEEERRRRRR!
  • Dark Magician: Uh oh.
  • Key-Per: Congratulations, Finn the Human, now you have truly reached the end...
  • Finn: Never!!!
  • Key-Per: Ooooooohhh!
  • Finn: Oh no, Mr. Key-Per, I'm sorry... w... why are you wearing that little devil costime?
  • Key-Per: These are my pyjamas. I was just getting ready for bed.
  • Mannish: Finn! Jake! You made it.
  • Mannish: I'm Manish Man, the Minotaur!
  • Finn: Huuuuh! The manly Minotaur from Princess Bubblegum's story!
  • Mannish: Ha ha, hahahaha!
  • Finn: Soooo... can I check out the Enchiridion, can I? Can I? Can I?
  • Mannish: Yeah, come on, let's check it out. Woohoo!
  • Mannish: Alright Finn, heh, you ready for this?
  • Mannish: BOOOM!
  • Finn: The Enchiridion!
  • Jake: Hey crack open that book and read something for fun's sake, alright.
  • Finn: Oh, yeah. Whoah! Haha...
  • Finn: What! You've got to be flipping kidding me!
  • Jake: Check it dude, one hundred percent, awesomeattude.

Return to Candy Kingdom

The Lich's Prison

The Lich Defeated

  • Jake: So hey Finn, how d'ya plan on taking this guy out?
  • Finn: I got a sick plan.
  • Finn: I'm a cat, I'm an agile cat!
  • Jake: Finn, buddy...
  • Finn: Guh-uh Jake... JAKE!
  • Princess Bubblegum: Oh Finn, you did it!
  • Ice King: We did? Hey yeah, we did it! Oh you guys, this experience has brought us so much closer together?
  • Ice King: I'm so alone... Won't anyone tell me what's wrong me with me? Anybody... Anybody... anybody!
  • Finn: You're a cold-hearted sociopath!
  • Jake: Ha ha! Right on the money button!
  • Finn: Adventure Time!
  • Jake: Adventure Time!
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