This is the transcript page for the level A Dalektable Adventure.

Encounter with The Doctor

  • Wyldstyle: Shouldn't we have arrived by now?
  • Batman: Yes. Something's up. Check your relic scanner.
  • Batman: Clearly a copy.
  • Twelfth Doctor: Again, no. Like I say, time machine - not a 3D printer. Just give me your grapple gun later.
  • Twelfth Doctor: This is my phone number, you'll call it when you get into trouble and I'll help you out - I'm nice like that.
  • Twelfth Doctor: Look, normally I'd come along with you, if I cross time-stream here it'll rip a hole in the universe so big you can drive his ego through it. Anyway, good luck!

Encounter with CyberKing

Encounter with Dalek Emperor

Dalek Emperor Defeated

Planet Vorton

  • Twelfth Doctor: Okay, I should be able to lock onto this no problem.
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