Adventure Time World
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Location information
Name Adventure Time World
Franchise Adventure Time
Red Bricks 1
Gold Bricks 28
Renovations Restore Lemonjon? (55,000 studs)
Restore theSnow Golem's cabin? (60,000 studs)
Restore Tree Trunks' cavaran (70,000 studs)
Restore Goliad and Stormo? (40,000 studs)
Restore Banana Man's House? (70,000 studs)
Unlock the jukebox? (40,000 studs)
Quests Hambo Hunt
Simon and Marcy
Lemon Aid
Have You Seen This Penguin?
Tree Trunks' Hot Pies
Deduce With Choose Goose
Races ???

The Adventure Time World is one of the 16 franchises from Year 2 featured in LEGO Dimensions. It was available from the start of Year 2. However not all characters from this franchise were available due to Marceline wasn't available until the release of Wave 7.





  • Restore Lemonjon (55,000 studs)
  • Restore the Snow Golem's cabin (60,000 studs)
  • Restore Tree Trunks' cavaran (70,000 studs)
  • Unlock the jukebox (40,000 studs)
  • Restore Goliad and Stormo (40,000 studs)
  • Restore Banana Man's house (70,000 studs)




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