This is the transcript page for the level Attack of the Uber Villains.

Wayne Tower

  • Batgirl: They've got eye on us.
  • Batman: Don't you mean "eyes"?
  • Batgirl: No, just the one. But it's really big.
  • Sauron: Dum de dum de...
  • Sauron: Gaarrrrhhhhhh!
  • Batman: Ok, first priory, build a new Batwing. Second priory, take out that eye!
  • Robin: Ouchy!
  • Batman: Ok new first priory: Wayne Tower has storm shutters, if we can close them we can-
  • Batgirl: We can move around without being seen!
  • Batman: That still counts as my idea.

King Kong Defeated

The Scuttler

  • Batman: Enough games - it's time to deal with that eye!
  • Robin: Uh-oh.
  • Batgirl: Whoa!
  • Batman: And I just got a idea - you're gonna fly straight into that thing!
  • Batgirl: Your idea is a game of chicken?
  • Batman: Not quite...
  • Sauron: Uh-oh! A little help?!
  • Batgirl: Are you sure there isn't another plan we can try?
  • Robin: That's not encouraging.
  • Batman: Just a little further...
  • Batman: Dive!
  • Batgirl: We're gonna crash!

Wayne Island

  • Batgirl: Alright, fine, we didn't crash.
  • Batman: Good. I would've missed you guys.
  • Batman: Because naturally I would have survived.
  • Batman: Ok, guys, listen up.
  • Batman:Taking the projector from the Joker is going to be our most dangerous mission yet, so salvage whatever you can find from the scuttler.
  • Robin: I'm on it, dad two.
  • Batgirl: Good idea.
  • Robin: I got snowshoes and sunscreen...
  • Batgirl: We'll only need one of those. Hmm This might come in handy...
  • Robin: ...Shark repellent, inflatable pants...
  • Batgirl: What the--? What are you doing? It won't open!
  • Batman: This is for your own good.
  • Batgirl: No! You can't do this on your own!
  • Batman: Grappling hook!
  • Robin: But we're a team now! Bat-dad?!
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