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"Welcome to the end of chaos, and the beginning of perfection!"
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Back to the Future World
Location information
Name Back to the Future World
Franchise Back to the Future
Red Bricks 1
Gold Bricks 28
Renovations Unlock the Past jukebox? (25,000 studs)
Unlock the Present jukebox? (5,000 studs)
Restore the present day Hill Valley Sign? (5,000 studs)
Fund the dig site?
Repair the clock? (70,000 studs)
Unlock the Future jukebox? (25,000 studs)
Restore the future Hill Valley Sign? (5,000 studs)
Restore the past Hill Valley Sign? (50,000 studs)
Restore the cinema hologram? (10,000 studs)
Restore the train station? (50,000 studs)
Quests Barking Mad
Bully For You
Dog Gone
Future Market Sweep
Lens Focus on the Problem
Races 4

The Back to the Future World is an Adventure World that can be found on Vorton in LEGO Dimensions, and corresponds to the Back to the Future franchise.





  • Restore the Present-Day Hill Valley sign (5,000 studs)
  • Fund the dig site (35,000 studs)
  • Unlock the Present Jukebox (25,000 studs)
  • Repair the clock (70,000 studs)
  • Restore the Past Hill valley Sign (50,000 studs)
  • Restore the Train Station (70,000 studs)
  • Unlock the Past Jukebox (25,000 studs)
  • Restore the cinema hologram (10,000 studs)
  • Restore the Future Hill Valley sign (5,000 studs)
  • Unlock the Future Jukebox (25,000 studs)



  • It is the only Adventure World to have more than one version. In this case, three versions of Hil Valley in three separate timelines: 1885, 1985 and 2015.
    • There's also an alternate version of 1985 called 1985A but was later removed due to heavy adults theme.
    • There's also Hill Valley of 1986 and its three alternate versions: 1986A, 1986B and 1986C that appeared in Back to the Future: The Game, but all three are considered non-canon.
    • There was meant to be a Hill Valley of 1955 but it only appeared in the Back To The Future! level.
    • This world also has three jukeboxes each located in the 3 different time periods
  • To give it the 80s movie tone, the world has been shaded and color-toned down to look authentic.
  • It's also the only Adventure World to have a unique gimmick of its own: Characters' action in the past can alter certain things in the present, which are required to solve certain puzzles.


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