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Bat Computer.png
Toy Pad Gateway
Owner Robin
Abilities None
Set 71264 Story Pack

The Bat-Computer is one of the Toy Pad Builds for LEGO Dimensions that is included in 71264 Story Pack for The LEGO Batman Movie franchise.


Welcome home, Batman.
— The Bat-Computer when seeing LEGO Batman or Excalibur Batman
Welcome home, Master Grayson.
— The Bat-Computer when seeing Robin
Hello, Barbara Gordon.
— The Bat-Computer when seeing Batgirl
Welcome, Superman. Please don't break anything.
— The Bat-Computer when seeing Superman
Welcome, Cyborg. Feel free to charge yourself with one of my USB sockets.
— The Bat_Computer when seeing Cyborg
Welcome, Wonder Woman.
— The Bat-Computer when seeing Wonder Woman
Welcome, Aquaman. Please don't get water on me.
— The Bat-Computer seeing Aquaman
I do not think you should be here, Ms. Quinn.
— The Bat-Computer when seeing Harley Quinn
I am quite certain you are not welcome here, Bane.
— The Bat-Computer when seeing Bane


  • This is based on Batman's Bat-Computer which has been placed at the Batcave. This is the place where he can find out where are the locations of his enemies.
  • It is the smallest Toy Pad build so far.
  • It is also the only Toy Pad build that does not have a doorway.
  • It is the Toy Pad to react to characters.
  • The Bat-Computer makes quotes towards all playable the LEGO Batman Movie and DC Comics characters, excluding Green Arrow and Supergirl.
  • In the film, the Bat-Computer was voiced by Apple's Siri, which returned to voice it in game.
    • Siri's lines as the Bat-Computer from the film can also be heard when you say "Hey Computer!" or "Hey 'Puter!" to her.


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