The Battle Shop is a new feature which allows players to buy Gold Bricks to improve and change the gameplay of the Battle Arenas to their liking. It can be found in the Battle Arena section by using the LEGO Gateway Menu on Vorton.

List of Battle Arena Gold Bricks

Name Description
Return Returns the player back to their home base, very useful when you have the flag.
Leader Fireball Shoots a fireball out to hit the player in the lead.
Bubble Bounce Surround the player in a protective bubble that also allows them to bounce around and smash other players.
Revive Very useful in contests where the player can be eliminated. The player can revive and get back into the fight.
Dragon Attack Use this attack to rain down fireballs upon your enemies.
Seed Rain Bombard foes with the power of mother nature in a brutal torrent of organic hail.
Firework Display Unleash a firework display for your rivals that's a little bit too close for comfort.
Super Gremlin Cocoon Summon the fearful Spider Gremlin to encase your rivals in a cocoon of Spider Gremlin silk, rooting them to the spot until they can break free.
Swooping Evil Unleash the Swooping Evil from it's cocoon to swarm around and and thwart your opponents.
Bat Swarm Unleash a swarm of bats to surround and attack your opponents.
Joker Teeth Please a gaggle of Chattering Teeth to put the bite on your opponents.
Water Shock Electrify all water in the Battle Arena. Guaranteed to shock any rivals with wet feet.
Stalactity YARR! Start a rumble of your own by summoning a mighty quake, crushing foes with falling rocks.
Crime Wave Join Rex Fury's gang and spread a little destruction for your rivals in LEGO City.
Super Worm Unleash the Mother of all Sand Worms!
Electrical Storm Become the master of elements and chase your rivals with bolts of electrical fury!
PIZZA! Time to unleash a baked batch of goofy random humor! PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA!
Eruption! Its time for an awesome eruption! Let's give that Colanco a little kick-start!
Banish! Send a portal that will chase and attempt to drag your rivals into another dimension. (P.S. It's not a very nice dimension!)


  • All Battle Arena Gold Bricks cost the price of 7 ordinary Gold Bricks which the player can collect from completing levels, quests and races.
  • If you count all the upgrades and the gold bricks required to update all the upgrades it has a total of 133 Gold Bricks.
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