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Breaking the Barrier is the fourth chapter of the 71242 Story Pack.

Story Mode Plot

Abby, feeling down that Erin has gone off, goes back to the restaurant and goes to the bathroom only for Rowan to appear through the sink and posses her. Then Jillian and Patty get back to the restaurant with lunch, Abby (possessed by Rowan) comes out and then grabs out a bat and starts bashing the sandwiches, Jillian saying 'not my babies' in referring the sandwiches. Patty then goes up to the Rowan-possessed Abby, confronts her, and slaps her across the face, causing Rowan to leave Abby's body.

Then Kevin is outside and has a homemade Ghostbuster costume saying he was born to be a Ghostbuster then Rowan possess him. He then uses the device at the bottom of the Mercado to release all the ghosts to seek mayhem on New York. Abby, Jillian and Patty suit up and as they go off to rescue Kevin, they then run into Slimer who possess the Ecto-1 (2016) and makes a path for them to follow, then Patty tells them to let's go and zap that slimy freak.


Citizen in Peril

  • Paul Feig


Rule Breaker

  • TBA

Abilities Needed to get Level 100%

  • TBA


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