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The Chroma Keystone is an unlockable in-game Keystone when you defeat the Joker in Meltdown at Sector 7-G, in Year 1 of LEGO Dimensions. ,


The symbol comprises of three color circles: red, blue and yellow, which are then arranged as angles of a triangle. Between the circles are lines connects all three circles together.


The Chroma Keystone allows players to coat their characters with three main colors: blue, red and yellow to match the color pattern to solve puzzles. Before players activate the keystone, they need to find all three color pads so that they all connect to the color pattern board. Once activated, players can place their characters on corresponding color sections on their toy-pad.

Not all Chroma puzzles involve just one simple color pattern, there are also three other colors in later color patterns: purple, green and orange. In order to get these color combinations, players need to place their first character on one color section and second character on other color sections, then place the first character on the same spot as the second character and you will have the color combinations.


  • The Chroma Keystone was used by The Joker as an energy source to power up his Joker-Bot.


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