The Creation Keystone is a new in-game Keystone that players can unlock with the 71253 Story Pack in Year 2 of LEGO Dimensions.


The symbol comprises of four circles: one big blue circle with a question mark and a yellow dot, while the other three smaller circles (white, yellow and red) have short lines protruding outwards. All four circles are then arranged to resemble a cat's paw.


The Creation Keystone allows players to create beasts out of LEGO pieces. To create one, players place their characters on three color pads (blue, red and green) and put them on any sequences.

Depending on what sequences you input, the beasts you create will be different. For example, if you input red, blue and green, you will create an eagle. Whatever beasts you create, it will serve the same purpose as to progress the game or solve puzzles.


  • There are a total of six beasts you can create from six different color sequences:
    • Eagle: Red, Blue, Green
    • Snake: Blue, Green, Red
    • Elephant: Green, Red, Blue
    • Bear: Red, Green, Blue
    • Snail: Blue, Red, Green
    • Lobster: Green, Blue, Red
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