Divide and Conquer is a Quest found in the Teen Titans Go! World given by Robin.


Upon Approaching

"Come on, this splitting up for one-on-one fights doesn't work in practice!"

Starting the Quest

"Normally when we split up like this we'll play to our strengths. That is I'd go after someone I could actually beat up, I tried to share my master plan with the others but they'd already scattered - so they're all fired, who needs them. My thing is hitting things, but this guy can duplicate himself quicker than I can take care of him. Hey you don't look busy, wanna be an honorary Titan - I mean that title has lost a bit of significance since we awarded it to the little buddies - one of them is a dancing boom box. Alright! Then let's uh... actually I'm drawing a blank on one-liners - still pretty bummed out about the way the other Titans treated my plan... Anyway... Titans GO!"

Finishing the Quest

"Maybe there is some advantage to having more than one member in a team. I'm sure I've learned this lesson before, probably in the old show as well as the new one. I guess the rest of the Titans can have their jobs back. The rest of them are probably still taking care of their non-assigned H.I.V.E member. Ha! Let them struggle I say. That'll teach them to disobey orders..."


Defeat 20 clones of Billy Numerous.