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Ecto-1   Ecto-1 Blaster   Ecto-1 Water Diver    
Owner Peter Venkman
Abilities Accelerator Switches
Set 71228 Level Pack

The Ecto-1 is a Ghostbusters vehicle in LEGO Dimensions. It is Peter Venkman's personal vehicle, and is included in 71228 Level Pack.


The Ecto-1 was the vehicle that the Ghostbusters used to travel throughout New York City busting ghosts and other entities.

The vehicle used for the Ecto-1 was a 1959 Cadillac professional chassis, built by the Miller-Meteor company. The ambulance/hearse combination was the end loader variety. Dr. Ray Stantz found the vehicle shortly after he mortgaged his mother's house to buy the Firehouse. Because of his mechanical skills, he was able to repair the vehicle, which he acquired for $4,800.

After repairs were completed, the vehicle had quite a unique character. It became a well-recognized symbol for the Ghostbusters franchise. The vehicle had enough room in it to store Proton Packs for all of the crew, along with Ecto Goggles', P.K.E. Meters, and a slew of Traps.

Dimensions Crisis

The Phantom Zone

The Ghostbusters were seen trying to trap ghosts whilst in the Ecto-1. Later the vehicle crashed with a police dropship before the Ghostbusters were captured by General Zod.

The Final Dimension

During the fight on the riftloop the Ghostbusters were summoned on their Ecto-1 to help them keep Lord Vortech distracted. Later when the battle continued on Foundation Prime the empty Ecto-1 is destroyed when it lands on the planet.



Model Boost Ability

Initial model gets a speed boost for a limited time

Boost Buff 1

Increased boost speed

Movement Speed Buff 1

Increased model movement


Color Changing Bolts Ability

Gives the ability to fire tintable bolts

Fire Speed Buff 1

Increase weapon fire rate

Health Buff

Model upgraded to have 5 hearts


Mine Weapon

Mines are deployed

Buy Mines

Adds mines

Explode Ability

Models explodes after a count down


Bolt Color Chooser

Allows you to tint bolt colours

Enemy Hearts Ability

Enemy characters now drops hearts

Regenerate Armor Ability

Hearts on the model regenerate


Skin 1

Changes the appearance of the model

Tire Color Chooser

Allows you to pick tyre colours

Exhaust Color Chooser

Allows you to pick an exhaust colour


  • It's a micro build of actual model featured in 21108 Ghostbusters' Ecto-1.
  • It is one of the only non-motorcycle vehicle that has two wheels physically, unlike many vehicles which normally have four wheels. The other is Jakemobile.
  • Like the DeLorean Time Machine, it appears multiple times in the main story as a more detailed, larger form, but resembles the model built by the player when summoned via the toy pad and used in-game.
  • The original siren can be activated by pressing the boost button on the controller twice in quick succession.
    • When purchasing the Horn Sound Chooser, it is advised not to change the sound, as it overwrites the original siren even when deactivated afterwards. To fix this, simply reset the toy tag, and then rewrite it.
    • This feature is currently removed after the launch of Year 2 and was replaced by putting the sound on the normal horn.
      • This is more accurate to the original car because the horn's pitch gets higher the faster the player goes
  • Slimer replaces the Ghostbusters logo if you change the Ecto 1's appearance to Skin 3.
  • The IRL build is noticibly shorter than the in-game model. Most likely so it could fit in the gamepad's zones. It's possible to modify the build to be more like the in-game model.


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