The Elemental Keystone is an unlockable in-game Keystone when you defeat Master Chen in Element of Surprise, in Year 1 of LEGO Dimensions.


The symbol comprises of different shapes representing four main elements:

  • Lightning Element is represented as a light blue lightning bolt
  • Fire Element is a red circle with three lines protruding upwards appears to mimic the fireball
  • Water Element is a blue circle with three short lines separated from circle appears to mimic the waterball with droplets of water.
  • Earth Element is a green circle with line protruding upwards, with another line protruding diagonally, appears to mimic an apple


The Elemental Keystone allows players to access four different elemental powers: fire, earth, water and lightning with their own usage. To access these power, players place their characters on corresponding color element: blue for water, red for fire, green for earth and light blue for lightning.


The fire element allows the user to shoot fireballs and use fire beam to melt ice. It can also protect the characters from external fire with fire shield.


The water element allows the user shoot water to extinguish fire, grow plants and fill up Water Spray Switches. It can also protect characters from external fire with water shield.


The earth element allows the user to grow plants that help to reach unreachable areas. However, they can only be grown on Earth Spots (marked with the Earth element logo). It also has the ability to protect characters from thorny vine with earth shield


The Lightning element allows the user to shoot lightning to strike at the enemies and interact with electrical objects, like electrical panels. It also has the ability to pass through electrified areas with electric shield.


  • Due to the limitation of the toy pad, only three elemental powers can be accessed at a time. However, if there are two keystones present with the same Elemental Keystone, when activated they will have two identical elements and a different third element.
    • For example, the two keystones will have the same Water and Fire Element, but different third element such as one has Lightning while other has Earth.
  • Interestingly, all four elements represent different abilities that Starter Pack characters don't have:
    • Water element represents Water Spray Ability
    • Earth element represents Growth Ability.
    • Fire element represents Laser Ability.
    • Lightning element represents Electricity Ability.


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