Emoticlone Wars is a quest found in the Teen Titans Go! given by Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!).


Starting the Quest

"So Robin told me and Starfire to take this 'Mysterious P r i s m' back to the museum. You know, to prevent any more misadventures where we have to chase down Emoticlones all over Jump City...

Everything was fine until we got here, and then Star was all like 'I wish to hand over the prism of the personality dividing', and squeezed that prism just a little bit too hard. Now there's versions of Starfire all across town!

You have to round them up before they do any damage! That red looked really violent. I'd do it myself but I have to guard, uh... that tree over there.

Finishing the Quest

Cyborg: Ladies - don't you think this has been played out enough? This is like the thousandth time someone has been split up into the different aspects of their personalities. We need to do something fresh! Find some new plot device to explore our characters!

Starfire Emoticlones: Agreed...

Cyborg: Now I'm not saying we put you Starfire's back together right away. I mean it would be irresponsible for me to do that without torturing Robin first for a bit. Who's up for that?

Starfire Emoticlones: YAAAY!