The Extras screen is a tab that you can access in the LEGO Gateway Menu, that shows you all the hints if you are stuck with something.

Extras List

  • Gateway Instruction Manual
  • Shift Instruction Manual
  • Stealth Hint
  • Hint Options Hint
  • Hint Stones Hint
  • Vehicle Upgrade Hint
  • Master Build Hint
  • Instructions Hint
  • Grapple Hint
  • Magic Hint
  • Relic Detect Hint
  • Poppy Hint
  • Batarang Target Hint
  • Batarang Switch Hint
  • Accelerator Switch Hint
  • Boost Pad Hint
  • Wall Jump Hint
  • Double Jump Hint
  • Illumination Hint
  • Acrobat Twirl Poles Hint
  • Fire Element Hint
  • Water Element Hint
  • Electric Element Hint
  • Earth Element Hint
  • Gold LEGO Laser Objects Hint
  • Vehicle Stunt Hint
  • Build-It Hint
  • Tow Bar Hint
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