Flux Capacitor
Flux Capacitor
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Used by Doc Brown

Marty McFly

The Flux Capacitor is one of the Foundation Elements, appearing in the Back to the Future World.


The Flux Capacitor is a device created by Doc Brown which is said to be the key to time travel possible. Doc first envisioned the device in 1955 after he slipped and fell while trying to attach a clock in his bathroom. After regaining consciousness Doc drew a picture of the Flux Capacitor and he dedicated his life's work and research to making time travel possible and finally in 1985 Doc built and successfully tested the device by attaching it to his DeLorean Time Machine and later the Travelling Time Train.

Dimensions Crisis

During the level Once Upon A Time Machine in the West, Lord Vortech attempts to get his plans back on track by traveling to 1885 Hill Valley to collect the Flux Capacitor and lure Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle into a trap. The events take place just before Doc arrives in 1885 after the events of the second movie. Vortech fights the heroes who decide to escape allowing him to search unhindered for the Flux Capacitor, how Vortech got the device is unknown but we do know that he did got it because it is seen on Foundation Prime later in the game.

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