The Foundation Elements are the items Lord Vortech wants to gather to rule every LEGO Dimension, in the game LEGO Dimensions. It is said these artifacts existed since the beginning of time.

List of Foundation Elements


  • The Lord of the Rings is the only franchise with 2 Foundation Elements.
  • Doctor Who is the only franchise to have an in-game story level, but have no Foundation Element.
  • Legends of Chima and Jurassic World are the only franchises that don't have both story levels and the Foundation Elements.
  • Despite their roles in the LEGO Movie, neither the Piece of Resistance nor the Kragle serve as its foundational element.
    • Judging by the fact that the Dimensional Crisis takes place after the LEGO Movie, it is possible that the Kragle was omitted due to its destruction at the end of the movie.
    • It appears that all franchises featured in Year 2 will not have foundation elements that correspond to their Dimensions.
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