Character Information
Name Caroline/GLaDOS
Gender Female AI
Franchise Portal 2
Occupation Central Core of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center
Residence Aperture Science Enrichment Center

GLaDOS is a non-playable antagonist/ally in LEGO Dimensions from the Portal 2 franchise.


GLaDOS was a creation of Aperture Science, a personality core designed exactly to be fitted as a central computer mainframe. The project began under the oversight of Cave Johnson over the company, and was an attempt to create a fully functional, advanced artificial intelligence which was originally intended to be occupied by Johnson as one of his attempts to cheat death. After it became apparent to Johnson that he may die of moon rock poisoning before development on GLaDOS would be completed, Johnson motioned for the personality core to be based on his secretary and best friend, Caroline instead. After a decade's worth of hard work, GLaDOS was officially activated in 1998, as part of one of the many events during the company's "Bring Your Daughter to Work" day. Since she was able to take control of half of the facility's features, GLaDOS began killing most of its inhabitants by flooding the Enrichment Center with neurotoxin. However, only few if not only one of the staff such as Doug Rattmann had survived her attacks along with the series' main protagonist, Chell. The destruction of the company also coincided with an invasion of Earth, which had occurred two days after at Aperture's rival company, Black Mesa. This ultimately led to the negligence of the outside world from realizing Aperture's fate, as all attention had been diverted to Black Mesa and the aforementioned invasion. Since the attack, she has managed the company to her limits. Her first test subject and the series' main protagonist, Chell, was given a warning of GLaDOS' true colors with the help of Doug Rattmann. She confronts GLaDOS in her chamber at the end of Portal, which allowed GLaDOS to develop an even deeper hatred for her after she was awakened in the beginning of Portal 2.

Dimensions Crisis

GLaD to See You

After Batman, Wyldstyle and Gandalf arrived at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center in search for the cake (one of the Foundation Elements), GLaDOS initially mistakes the heroes for Chell. When the the trio announce they are looking for a cake, she sends them to a course of 9 test chambers. In some of the tests, GLaDOS accuses them of cheating as they use keystones to pass them, rather than a portal gun, though congratulating them when they pass each one. After the 9th test, GLaDOS brings them to her chamber where she tries to "entertain" them with crushers and neurotoxin. The heroes summon H.A.L. 9000 to distract her, giving them the time to solve the Chroma puzzle behind her to get the pieces needed to build a ramp and drive a vehicle into her. GLaDOS responds to this by sending them to an oven, where the cake is located, but it is also another test chamber filled with flamethrowers. After the heroes reached the cake, she plans to send them to another test chamber featuring electricity, but X-PO opens a portal back to Vorton and the heroes make their escape, leaving GLaDOS to complain about being lonely.


GLaDOS appears through a rift during the invasion of Minas Tirith, where she converted an area into a test chamber. She claimed that if she can't take the trio to the tests she will take the tests to them.

The End is Tri

After defeating the Tri, the trio returned to the Aperture Science Enrichment Center to ask for GLaDOS' help. She refuses, jokingly telling them to tell it to her morality core, before revealing that it was replaced with an amorality core. In response Wyldstyle replaces her amorality core with an actual morality core, preventing GLaDOS from acting on her violent impulses. She demands they replace her amorality core, but Batman says they will do so if she helps them. She reluctantly agrees, and appears on Vorton being examined by Egon Spengler. She asks the Doctor to repair her morality core, but he declines.

The Final Dimension

GLaDOS helps the heroes during the final battle by finding a safe way to Foundation Prime, and then giving the heroes a Rocket Turret to blast part of the Foundation Baseplate after they construct a gateway.

After the final battle, she reviews information on Chell in her main chamber, singing the song You Wouldn't Know. After the song, a dimensional portal opens and her amorality core drops into the chamber. GLaDOS strokes the core with her head.


Portal: Aperture Science Enrichment Center



  • Renovate the Science Project Stands?
  • Renovate the Portrait Room?
  • Restore the turret control room?


Oh. It's you. Again. I've hoped you have been eaten by a deer by now.
— GLaDOS when meeting Chell in the Portal 2 Adventure Mode.
I suppose you think you're clever, circumventing my meticulously-planned tests with your ability to fly? If you're happy cheating yourself then, of course, that's entirely your prerogative, but I hope you realize that such behaviour is of no benefit to science. Unless you are using science to fly. ... Actually, HOW are you flying?
— GLaDOS to a flying character (for example Wonder Woman)
You are a fool, a fool with stupid hair.
— GLaDOS bullying Wyldstyle prior to the final boss fight in GLaD to See You
I realize it's a lot to ask, but if you could refrain from tearing bits off of me and throwing them into a furnace, that would be great.
— GLaDOS to an attacker
Please excuse the mess. Apparently the cleaner says it's not his job to clean up the test chambers.
— GLaDOS to the player
I'd take care if I were you... the weight testing of the Aperture Science Hard Light Bridges had to be canceled due to sudden... staff redundancies. I'm sure YOU'LL be fine, though.
— GLaDOS to the player
You know, I'm pretty sure I saw that deer again. It was running outside. You should go and take a look. I promise I won't lock you out.
— GLaDOS to the player
You remember that time I promised you cake, and you had this misguided impression that it was all a ruse and I was actually trying to lure you to an untimely end?
— GLaDOS to the player
There's something very familiar about that woman
— GLaDOS hinting at Chell
Is that you?
— GLaDOS mistaking Wyldstyle for Chell when she, Batman, and Gandalf arrive at the Aperture Science Enrichment Center in GLaD to See You
How did you escape from your...? No. You're not her. You're just another unwelcome visitor.
— GLaDOS realizing that Wyldstyle is not Chell
Cake. Why do they always want the cake?
— GLaDOS complaining about Gandalf's asking for cake
Yes. Yes you will pay.
But first, a test.
— GLaDOS responding to Gandalf's statement that they will pay (in Gandalf's case for the cake, but in GLaDOS' most likely more than that)
Welcome to the Aperture Science computer-aided Enrichment Center.
— GLaDOS when the players enter Test Chamber 01
That's not how you use that.
— GLaDOS when the player uses a vehicle on the boost pad to knock the Keystone Activator with the Shift Keystone through the portal in Test Chamber 01
Unauthorized portal detected. Until the source can be identified please press the Aperture Science Switch ahead of you.
— GLaDOS when the player travels through the magenta Shift portal in Test Chamber 01
Logic error detected. Please proceed into the Chamberlock after completing each test.
— GLaDOS after the player presses the Aperture Science Switch in Test Chamber 01
Logic error detected. Subject should not have been able to enter this area without the aid of an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.
— GLaDOS when the player travels through the yellow Shift portal in Test Chamber 01
Please attempt to place the Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube on the Fifteen-hundred Megawatt Aperture Science Heavy Duty Super Colliding Super Button.
— GLaDOS after the player presses the Aperture Science Switch on the Victory Lift in Test Chamber 01
Logic error detected. Subject should not have been able to move the Weighted Storage Cube in this way.
— GLaDOS after the player uses a character with the Magic Ability to move the Weighted Storage Cube onto the Heavy Duty Super Colliding Super Button in Test Chamber 01
You're doing very well... That is to say I suspect you were cheating in that last test. Cheating is wrong and, ultimately, the only person who loses when you cheat is yourself. For instance, you might lose your freedom. Or your mind. Or some teeth. I will be monitoring your behavior more closely in the future. Now, on with the next test.
— GLaDOS when the players enter Test Chamber 02
Look at us, making new scientific discoveries together. Please use the Ariel Faith Plate provided to proceed, but be careful, it has a weight limit and I worry that you may exceed it.
— GLaDOS after the players solve the Chroma puzzle in Test Chamber 02
Congratulations. I always believed in you and your ability to do that thing that you just did.
— GLaDOS after the player crosses under the fire panels while the Fire Element is activated in Test Chamber 02
Well done. Although, you obviously have abilities that are not listed in my database, and are using them to complete the tests. In other words, you're cheating.
— GLaDOS after the player moved the Edgeless Safety Cube onto the Heavy Duty Super Colliding Super Button by charging the electric panels using the Lightning Element in Test Chamber 02
As a punishment for your recent cheating, I have added several Aperture Science Sentry Turrets to the following test. I didn't want to do that but you left me little choice. I'm very sorry.
— GLaDOS when the players enter Test Chamber 03
What was that? Perhaps another unauthorized element? How can I test with so many variables?
— GLaDOS after the Talking Tree was summoned to toss his branches at the Sentry Turrets in Test Chamber 03
Oh no. Where have you gone? I can't see you anywhere. How could you possibly have escaped? You know my cameras have zoom-lenses, don't you?
— GLaDOS when the player uses the Scale Keystone to become small in Test Chamber 03
Deploying Prototype Super Deadly Mega Turret in 3, 2, 1.
— GLaDOS when she deploys the Prototype Super Deadly Mega Turret in Test Chamber 03
The Aperture Science computer-aided Enrichment Center congratulates you on yet another, amazing job well done. Go you.
— GLaDOS when the players press both Aperture Science Switches in Test Chamber 03
This test chamber is impossible. The enrichment center apologizes for this clearly broken test chamber.
— GLaDOS when the players enter Test Chamber 04
Oh you fixed it. How... wonderful. You know, I was joking when I said it was impossible. That was part of the test and you didn't give up. You kept going despite knowing everything you were doing was futile, just like the inherent pointlessness of you're existence.
— GLaDOS after Doc Brown's Travelling Time Train smashed through the boxes containing the Aperture Science Switches upon being summoned in Test Chamber 04
You must be very proud of yourself. You *SUBJECT NAME HERE* must be the apple of *SUBJECT'S FATHER'S NAME HERE*'s eye.
— GLaDOS after the player guides both High Energy Pellets to the receptacles in Test Chamber 04
For this next test, Thermal Discouragement Beams have been added in to the testing environment. Health and safety would advise you to avoid contact with these lasers, however, the Health and Safety office is closed today so please disregard that advice.
— GLaDOS when the players enter Test Chamber 05
You know, I heard the lasers talking about you before. They were saying how much they like you. I think you two should hug.
— GLaDOS when the player enters the room where the yellow Chroma pad is located by using the Shift tunnel in Test Chamber 05
That was not part of the test and as a result you have damaged the testing environment. An extra *9999* days of testing will be required to repay expenses. I hope you brought a packed lunch.
— GLaDOS after the wrecking ball that Homer Simpson was on was summoned to smash the cubes containing the blue Chroma pad and a Discouragement Redirection Cube in Test Chamber 05
The Thermal Discouragement Beams are perfect for corrective eye surgery. Why not give it a try?
— GLaDOS when the player uses the red Chroma pad in Test Chamber 05
It appears the exit elevator has malfunctioned. Let me give it a nudge and we can continue.
— GLaDOS after the player guides the Thermal Discouragement Beams to the receptacle in Test Chamber 05
Well that didn't work. A repair associate will be dispatched... eventually. Until then, sit back and wait... Give up if you like... I won't judge you.
— GLaDOS after she brings the exit elevator up in Test Chamber 05
The Aerial Faith plates in this test chamber have been recalibrated to suit your higher than average weight. It should be sufficient.
— GLaDOS when the players enter Test Chamber 06
That thing you just did there. That was great. I'm getting some great results.
— GLaDOS when the player use the 1st set of Aerial Foundation plates in Test Chamber 06
Have you ever thought about what comes next? I'll tell you... more tests... forever and ever. Just think of all the data we will collect.
— GLaDOS when the player use the 2nd set of Aerial Foundation plates in Test Chamber 06
The Aerial Faith Plates have feelings too you know. How would you like to be walked all over? Oh wait... you would probably know, wouldn't you?
— GLaDOS when the player use the 3rd set of Aerial Foundation plates in Test Chamber 06
The Aperture Science Hard Light Bridge is totally safe, created by natural light pumped in from the surface.
— GLaDOS when the players walk on the Hard Light Bridge in Test Chamber 07
A gentle reminder, the Enrichment Center is not responsible for any injuries sustained within the testing facility.
— GLaDOS as the player passes through the fire and electric panels around the Hard Light Bridge while the Fire and Lightning Elements are active in Test Chamber 07
Please excuse the mess. Apparently the cleaner says it's not his job to clean the testing chambers.
— GLaDOS when the players cross the Hard Light Bridge in Test Chamber 07
You know, you can't bribe your way out of these test chambers, no mater how big your money is.
— GLaDOS after the giant token clears out the Sentry Turrets guarding the Adventure Core and 1 of the Aperture Science Switches in Test Chamber 08
There you are. I was just about to send out the search party as I was getting so worried. Let us continue, for science.
— GLaDOS when the players enter Test Chamber 09 through the abandoned area
Oh look. It's my favorite thing in the whole wide world... Deadly Neuro-toxin. Be careful, you don't want to breathe too much of it in.
— GLaDOS when the players reach the right area of Test Chamber 09
What was THAT? It was all EXTERMINATE, and there was fire and explosions! I think I admire its attitude
— GLaDOS after the Dalek exterminated the Sentry Turrets in Test Chamber 09
I think you deserve recognition. Through cheating, ignoring the rules and destroying the Enrichment Center, you have completed this round of testing. Congratulations.
— GLaDOS when the player presses both Aperture Science Switches in Test Chamber 09
Welcome *insert party noises, here*. A party associate will be along shortly with your congratulatory cake for surviving... I mean... completing all of the tests. For now, allow me to entertain you.
— GLaDOS at the beginning of her boss battle
Will you just stay still and get what's coming to you?
— GLaDOS when the player avoid getting squashed by the crushers during her boss battle
Congratulations, you have successfully avoided being squashed. I've observed that you have obsessively collected these, so have some as a reward. Your next test is to see how well you follow instructions. Feel free to use this glowing switch under me when you can be bothered to start.
— GLaDOS when the player avoid getting squashed by the crushers 3 times during her boss battle
What's wrong? You look tired. Would you like a break or a nap? Maybe I could get an associate to rub your feet for you if I'm not boring you too much.
— GLaDOS after she unleashes neurotoxin during her boss battle
— GLaDOS after the player turns the crank and causes the crushers to break the 2nd neurotoxin storage tank during her boss battle
If you are insist on breaking my tests, then I am just going to have to remove them. Leaving you with nothing, trapped in here. Just me and you. Soon you will begin to beg to begin testing again.
— GLaDOS after all 3 neurotoxin storage tanks are shut off during her boss battle
I have detected a rogue corrupt AI. Where did you come from? Did Black Mesa send you? Go away.
— GLaDOS during her conversation with H.A.L. 9000 during her boss battle
Well you can't stay here. I'm in the middle of something. Go back to space.
— GLaDOS during her conversation with H.A.L. 9000 during her boss battle
Who is Dave? I think test subject 24051989 was once called, Dave.
— GLaDOS during her conversation with[H.A.L. 9000 during her boss battle
No. I am a Genetic Lifeform and Disc Operating System. I would say it was nice to meet you but it's not nice to lie.
— GLaDOS during her conversation with H.A.L. 9000 during her boss battle
There's no room for you within my calculations Now, go away.
— GLaDOS during her conversation with H.A.L. 9000 during her boss battle
Stop calling me Dave.
— GLaDOS during her conversation with H.A.L. 9000 during her boss battle
I do not like you.
— GLaDOS during her conversation with H.A.L. 9000 during her boss battle
I have the patience of a saint. You however, are putting that to the test.
— GLaDOS during her conversation with H.A.L. 9000 during her boss battle
Would you like to meet my friend, Emergency Intelligence Incinerator?
— GLaDOS during her conversation with H.A.L. 9000 during her boss battle
Hey, that's not fair. I was distracted. Go sit in the basement and think about what you've done.
— GLaDOS after the player uses a vehicle on the Boost Pad to ram her during her conversation with H.A.L. 9000 during her boss battle
Are you cooked yet? Say nothing for yes or "Aargh! The pain! Why won't the pain stop?!" for no.
— GLaDOS when she Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle reach the cake after extinguishing the burners
— GLaDOS when she hears no reply to her previous quote
Oh. You're alive. What a delightful surprise
— GLaDOS when she finds out that Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle are still alive with the cake
If you are not going to play by the rules, then there's no point in continuing the tests.
— GLaDOS' reply to Batman's question about what else she has got
Yes. You failed. But... there is one more test I would like to conduct.
— GLaDOS' reply to Wyldstyle's question about the giant oven being a test
Electricity. Through you.
— GLaDOS' reply to Batman's question about the next test she was about to conduct
Why do they always leave me?
— GLaDOS when Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle leave with the cake through a rift
"Surprised to see me? After you left, I decided that if you are going to run from my tests, then I'm just going to to have to bring my tests to you. Enjoy."
— GLaDOS when the players enter her area in Riddle-earth.


  • It is revealed that she is the one responsible for delivering Shaggy and Scooby-Doo the box of LEGO Bricks for the LEGO Gateway and their mini figure versions, as well as a box of pizza at their doorsteps in the LEGO Dimensions - Scooby Doo Gameplay Trailer, though it's unknown how she was able to leave the Aperture Science Enrichment Center.
  • Ellen McLain reprises her role from the series in LEGO Dimensions.
  • Just like every Portal game, (this game isn't an exception) she sings an original song at the end credits.
  • GLaDOS is strongly reminiscent of H.A.L. 9000, the murderous A.I. computer of 2001: A Space Odyssey; even the single, red "eye" of the security cameras and Sentry Turrets are reminiscent of HAL.
    • H.A.L. 9000 himself was summoned via Locate to converse with (and distract) GLaDOS.
  • GLaDOS means: Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System.
  • She was replaced by Wheatley, who downloaded her to a potato battery (PotatOS). This is referenced in the minikit build from the level Aperture Science.
  • She is one of the few LEGO Dimensions antagonists who do not work for Lord Vortech.
    • In fact, Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle got her to help them fight Vortech.
  • GLaDOS is 1 of 2 bosses to be fought more than once, the other being Lord Vortech.


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