This is the transcript page for the level GLaD to See You.

Entering Aperture Science Enrichment Center

GLaDOS Defeated

  • GLaDOS: Are you cooked yet? Say nothing for yes or "Aargh! The pain! Why won't the pain stop?!" for no.
  • GLaDOS: Good.
  • GLaDOS: Oh. You're alive. What a delightful surprise.
  • Batman: What else have you got?
  • GLaDOS: If you are not going to play by the rules, then there is no point in continuing the tests.
  • Wyldstyle: That giant oven was a test?
  • GLaDOS: Yes. You failed. But... there is one more thing I would like to conduct.
  • Batman: Oh yeah? What's that?
  • GLaDOS: Electricity. Through you.
  • GLaDOS: Why do they always leave me?

Planet Vorton

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