Game Not Over is a Quest that can be found in the Teen Titans Go! Adventure World at Jump City given by Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!).


Starting the Quest

"Can you believe it? Game Bear threw out this perfectly good classic game machine/interface! Don't they know that old things are inherently better due to our brazen nostalgia!

It's a real shame that I can't figure out how to fix this thing. I've never seen anything like it - it's almost like it came out of another dimension." - Cyborg upon starting the quest

Finishing the Quest

"Booyah! You beat it! I mean it was kind of short but in the olden days they just made games really hard to compensate for the lack of resources available to the developers at the time, including but not limited to man-hours, budgets, hardware and software limitations, the difficulty of getting a pixel to do what you tell it, poor people skills, their sodas going flat...

Actually... yeah maybe the nostalgia factor is a little misleading. Technology has definitely changed games for the better. Given the choice I'd much rather be able to understand an intricately crafted story using fully voiced cutscenes rather than having to guess what's going on from some dude making grunting noises and waving a polaroid. Maybe that's just me." - Cyborg upon finishing the quest

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