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Okay, we are on the cusp of something here. A real discovery.
— Abby Yates

Ghostbusting! is the second chapter of the 71242 Story Pack.

Story Mode Plot

Abby, Erin, and Jillian has started Ghostbusters at Zhu's Chinese Restaurant and are in need of new staff, only being able to hire Kevin on the first day. Meanwhile, train conductor Patty Tolan reveals about her ghost experience while working at the subway, getting the trio into the first official job.

They soon came across an individual vandalizing the subway wall, irritating Patty, and then Sparky the Electric Ghost who sends electric attacks and trains to harm them, Erin tries to zap, but it backfires, and just as Sparky was about to attack her, a train soon ran over him, taking him to Queens.

When they got back from the subway incident, Patty informs them of the Fourth Cataclysm and its connection to the drawing on the subway, as well as showing interest in joining the Ghostbusters, when Kevin tells them a ghost sighting at Stonebrooke Theatre, where they meet up its owner Jonathan. They soon split up to track down the ghost, Mayhem, who was spotted by Abby and Patty in the dressing room. They soon tracked him down to a concert where Abby catches Mayhem hiding behind one of the speakerphones and he took some people hostage. But the girls managed to attack him with their Proton Packs and trapped him as well, saving the concert from further harm.


Citizen in Peril

Feig is trapped in the yellow sister dimension, hanging onto a pole. You'll need a Pole Vault character to save him.

Rule Breaker

  • 103,000 Studs

Abilities Needed to Complete the Level 100%


Main article: Ghostbusting!/Transcript


  • There are cameos from other characters, vehicles or items that have appeared on LEGO Dimensions:
    • The Doctor, Owen Grady, Emmet, the Velociraptor, and Gamer Kid appear in the beginning of this level during Rowan and Patty's Fourth Cataclysm chat at the subway.
    • Patty can be seen reading the Enchiridion (from Adventure Time) during her first meeting with Abby, Erin and Jillian.
    • Saruman is seen testing out a guitar at the Stonebrook Theatre segment, as this is a reference of his film actor Christopher Lee's previous ventures into heavy rock music.
    • Superman's face can be seen in the Minifigs poster in the dressing room.
  • If you solve the X-Ray Vision puzzle at the Stonebrooke Theatre segment, it'll reveal a miniature Stonehenge model appearing in the center of the stage.
    • This is a reference to the Spinal Tap's song Stonehenge.
  • The BMO game featured here is Kompy's Kastle.
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