This is the transcript page for the level Ghostbusting!.

Zhu's Chinese Restaurant

  • Abby Yates: Everyone loves a fixer upper, we'll take it.
  • Erin Gilbert: Urgh, it's a dump.
  • Abby Yates: Nothing a lick of paint and thirty gallons of industrial bleach won't fix.


  • Rowan: When the fourth cataclysm begins, labourers, such as yourself, will be among the last led to the butchery. So make the most of your extra time.
  • Patty Tolan: You are just a bundle of joy ain't ya. You have a good day. With yo' crazy self.
  • Patty Tolan: Wow. I wonder what train he taking.
  • Patty Tolan: Is he going off the tracks? Oh man...

Meanwhile at Zhu's Chinese Restaurant

  • Kevin: Hey err, I'm here about the receptionist job.
  • Erin Gilbert: You're hired! Hahahaha!
  • Kevin: Cool!
  • Abby Yates: Oh, err, Ma'am. Hi, Ma'am, if you're waiting for waiting for take out you should really wait downstairs.
  • Patty Tolan: Oh, it's... the magazine was here, so I dunno, I just thought that might be your waiting room.
  • Patty Tolan: Also, I... Err... got chased by a ghost.

Sparky Defeated

Return to Zhu's Chinese Restaurant

  • Erin Gilbert: Alright well. What d'ya think?
  • Abby Yates: It's just a lot of bits and pieces. I'm pretty sure none of it is supposed to be in the subway though.
  • Erin Gilbert: What was that weird thing that guy said to the lady from the subway?
  • Patty Tolan: Fourth Cataclysm.
  • Patty Tolan: I'm joining the club.
  • Erin Gilbert: The thing is this isn't err, really a club. It's a scientific research group...
  • Patty Tolan: And I understand that, but let me tell ya something. I read a lot of non-fiction. And you guys are really smart about this science stuff, but I know New York.
  • Abby Yates: You're in.
  • Patty Tolan: Ha!!!
  • Kevin: Ok. Cool, thanks. Bye.
  • Kevin: Err... the Stonebrook Theatre? There's a goat on the loose.
  • Jillian Holtzmann: I'm gonna load up the car.

Stonebrook Theatre

Mayhem Defeated

Return at Zhu's Chinese Restaurant

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