Gold Token
Coin Element
Item Information
Name Gold Token
Used by Unknown
The Gold Token is one of the Foundation Elements, appearing in the Midway Arcade universe.

Dimensions Crisis

Batman, Gandalf & Wyldstyle first have to aid the Astronauts of the Defender game in order to get their hands of the coin. Suddenly, a Thief appears and suddenly steals the coin before escaping through another dimension leading him and the heroes transported to the Gauntlet world (where the Thief came from). The heroes have to work their way out of the Gauntlet world whilst looking for Thief. After reaching through the exit, the heroes & Thief got transported to the Super Sprint Racer dimension & have to win three races against Thief. When the heroes receive the coin as the winning prize, Thief again steals the coin and travelled to the Robotron 2084 universe. The heroes then have to fight Vortech's Minions & Thief made another appearance as the main villain. The heroes then attacked Thief and finally, Thief was destroyed. Batman makes sure that there were no tricks again by Thief and yet, he, Gandalf & Wyldstyle went to Vorton with the foundation element. Thief was then sent to Lord Vortech to get help from him.

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