This is the transcript page for the level Grand Opening.

Outside Jacob's Apartment

Goldstein Apartment

Outside the New York Lunch Café

  • Graves: What would you like?
  • Graves: Well, perhaps what you had last time you er... you enjoyed that, I recall?
  • Graves: My vision...
  • Graves: Showed me the child's immense power.
  • Credence: I'm still looking.
  • Credence: Mr Graves, if I knew whether it was a boy or a girl, even...
  • Graves: Use your natural gifts, Credence.
  • Graves: You are sensitive.
  • Graves: ... observant, highily intelligent...
  • Credence: D'you think I'm a freak?

Meanwhile in the Goldstein Apartment

Into Newt's Briefcase

Newt's Briefcase

Second Salem Building

  • Chastity: Hand out your leaflets; I'll know if you dump them! Tell me if you see anything suspicious.
  • Credence: I was... looking for a place for tomorrow's meeting.
  • Credence: I'm sorry, Ma. I didn't realize it was so late.
  • Tina Goldstein: His name's Credence.
  • Tina Goldstein: She seems to hate him the most.
  • Credence: Please, Ma.

Meanwhile in Newt's Briefcase

Newt's Briefcase

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