Inanimate Carbon Rod
Inanimate Carbon Rod Element
Item Information
Name Inanimate Carbon Rod
Used by Mr. Burns
The Inanimate Carbon Rod is one of the Foundation Elements, appearing in The Simpsons franchise.


The Inanimate Carbon Rod is featured in the Simpsons episode Deep Space Homer where it is given the "worker of the week" award instead of Homer Simpson because of its supposed "long, overlooked, tireless efforts". Later in the same episode, it saves Homer's life by wedging a space shuttle's door shut upon re-entry from Homer's trip to space. Despite it being Homer's idea to seal the door with the Rod, Homer is ignored and the Rod is praised once again.

Dimensions Crisis

The Rod is seen in the level Meltdown at Sector 7-G as the target of Lord Business' invasion of Springfield. Upon arriving in Springfield, Lord Business attacks the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in an attempt to retrieve the Rod from Homer. Lord Business captures Homer but is confronted by Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle. During the ensuing fight, one of Lord Business' Micro Managers manages to obtain the Rod from Homer, only for the Rod to fly into a turbine and be launched towards Gandalf. He accidentally hits it with his staff right towards Lord Business, who escapes immediately with it.


  • It also appears in most of the opening sequences of The Simpsons.


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