Jakemobile HD
Owner Finn
Abilities Accelerator Switches
Tow Bar
Set 71245 Level Pack
Jakemobile   Snail Dude Jake   Hover Jake    

The Jakemobile is an Adventure Time vehicle in LEGO Dimensions. It is Finn's personal vehicle, and it is included in 71245 Level Pack.


In "Candy Streets", Finn and Jake were investigating a case about who was the thief that robbed Lumpy Space Princess. Jake eventually transformed into a car and went on patrol with Finn, while crashing through the citizens of the Candy Kingdom's houses in the process.



Let's Roll!
— Upon being jumped into
— Upon getting hit
[Pretend car noises]
— While driving


  • It is the only land vehicle (that isn't a motorcycle) to have only two wheels. The other vehicle is Ecto-1 which has only two wheels physically but is featured in a Year 1 set and has 4 wheels in-game.
  • John DiMaggio reprised his role to voice the Jakemobile.
  • When using the Jakemobile, if the player listens closely, Jake is mimicking the sound of an engine.
    • Also when the vehicle takes damage, the player can hear Jake say "Ow"
    • The action of spitting (the weapon when no weapon is equiped) is Jake making the spitting sound.
  • When you ride the Jakemobile, Jake will always say "Let's roll!".
  • Jakemobile is the only vehicle which is adapted from a character.
  • It is able to access Vine Cut by purchasing an upgrade which will allow the Swarm Weapon to cut vines.
  • This is the only Level Pack vehicle that naturally has the Guardian Ability in all 3 forms.
  • The third unlockable custom color is a reference to Cake the Cat, Jake's equivalent in Ice King's "Fionna and Cake" fan fiction.


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