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The Jukebox is an unlockable object when found in all of the Adventure Worlds from both year one and year two. Unlocking the jukebox gains access to all unlocked music which can be played instead of the standard hub music.


  • The player can either hit the jukebox or pull down its lever to change the music.
    • As with the latest update, the player can now manually select any unlocked music track without having to repeatedly hit the Jukebox.
  • It is one of the renovations found in the hub worlds, in fact it's the only restoration found in all hub worlds.
  • In the Back to the Future world a jukebox can be found in each timeline making it the only world to have multiple jukeboxes.
  • The jukebox will play any hub music unlocked by the player as well as the Foundation Prime theme and the GLaDOS end game song You Wouldn't Know.
  • Currently, the jukebox does not play some music themes. For example: "Ghostbusters (1984)" and the "Doctor Who Theme" are not played.
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