"It's time to dispense some justice."
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LEGO City Undercover World
LEGO City Undercover.png
Location information
Name LEGO City Undercover World
Franchise LEGO City: Undercover
Red Bricks 1
Gold Bricks 28
Renovations Unlock the jukebox?
Restore Mount Cashmore?
Restore Derek's boombox?
Restore the space shuttle?
Restore the clock tower?
Restore the dinosaur robot?
Quests A Friend in Needle is a Friend Indeedle
Crime Ring
Losing Patients
Prison Patch-Up
Races 5

The LEGO City: Undercover World is one of the 16 franchises from Year 2 of LEGO Dimensions. This world was not accessible until the release of Wave 8 due to Chase McCain not being available until that time.





  • Restore the space shuttle (80,000 studs)
  • Restore Mount Cashmore (60,000 studs)
  • Restore Derek's boombox (75,000 studs)
  • Restore the dinosaur robot (60,000 studs)
  • Restore the clock tower (75,000 studs)
  • Unlock the jukebox (25,00 studs)



  • After the Wave 7.5 update was inputted into the game, the player could no longer access the gateway portal, instead, they could just jump through it, falling to their death. In the update, it also caused the gateway to be unacknowledged by the Vorton Gateway and when near the portal, it does not say "Access to this gateway requires a character from LEGO City: Undercover World". This glitch was however patched in the Wave 8 update.
    • Interestingly, in the Wave 8 update, it changed the portal name to LEGO City World, however, it is still based on the LEGO City: Undercover videogame.


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