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The LEGO Gateway Menu is an in-game menu screen which players can open when they use the LEGO Gateway, which lets you choose 6 different things: Level Select, Upgrades, CharactersRed Brick Unlocks, Minikit Viewer, and Extras.


Level Select

The Level Select allows players to choose and play the story mode, Level Pack, and Story Pack Levels, and the Adventure Worlds. It also features a selection for Battle Arenas that the player has unlocked, along with its game modes and powerups.


Upgrades allows players to upgrade any vehicle or gadget you have unlocked.


Characters allows you to see each character and their abilities, along with the vehicle/gadget, level, story, or Battle Arena that they come packaged with.

Red Brick Unlocks

Red Brick Unlocks allows players to see any extras that you have unlocked with Red Bricks, or have yet to purchase. Vorton Disco is the only Red Brick to not be shown in this Menu.

Minikit Viewer

Minikit Viewer allows players to view what they have built using Minikits collected from any level.


Extras allows players to view in-game hints and tutorials to help you play the game.


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