This page is for all of the characters that don't appear in LEGO Dimensions, but are mentioned in some way.

List of Mentioned Characters

2001: A Space Oddysey

Adventure Time

Back to the Future

DC Comics

  • Oracle - Batman mentions Oracle during boss fights.
  • Killer Croc (DC Comics) - Batman mentions Killer Croc when seeing Cragger.
  • Hawkgirl - Batman mentions Hawkgirl when seeing Eris.
  • Samurai - Batman mentions Samurai when seeing Lloyd.
  • Hera - Wonder Woman mentions Hera in one of her lines when entering the game.
  • Evil Superman - Superman mentions his evil counterpart, Evil Superman when meeting a duplicate of himself.
  • Poseidon - Aquaman mentions Poseidon in one of his lines when entering the game.
  • Streaky - Supergirl mentions Streaky in one of her lines when exiting the game.
  • Dark Supergirl - Supergirl mentions her evil counterpart, Dark Supergirl when meeting a duplicate of herself.
  • Aquaman and Aqualad's unnamed goldfish - Aquaman will mention his Goldfish when he leaves sometimes.
  • Batman (Michael Keaton) - Betelgeuse mentions 'That I tried that once' to Batman.
  • The Joker (Burtonverse) - Betelgeuse asks the Joker if they've met before a reference to the fact that Michael Keaton played Betelgeuse and Batman.

Doctor Who

Harry Potter

Legends of Chima

  • Crueler - Cragger will sometimes mention his sister when exiting the game.
  • Rhino Legend Beast - Cragger will mention the Rhino Legend Beast sometimes when approaching a puzzle and when seeing Scooby-Doo.
  • Sir Fangar - When entering, Cragger mentions him in one of his entrance lines.

Midway Arcade


  • Cyrus Borg - When idle and meeting his duplicate, Zane will mention him.
  • Dr. Julien - Zane mentions him when he encounters the Cyberman.
  • Ed and Edna Walker - Jay would mention them whenever he rides the DeLorean Time Machine. He will also mention Edna in one of his exit lines.
  • Rocky - Cole mentions his Dragon Rocky.
  • Pythor P. Chumsworth - Jay mentions him when he meets up with Lloyd.
  • Serpentines - Cole will mention them when he meets Cragger.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Teen Titans Go!

  • Mas y Menos - Robin will mention them during a quest of his in the Teen Titans Go! World.
  • Boom Box - Boom Box is mentioned by Robin in the same quest as previously mentioned.
  • Blackfire - In one of Starfire's lines, she states "I too have a sister I wish to drop a house on!" when reacting to Wicked Witch of the West.
  • Trigon - Raven mentions him in the in-game episode, The Dimensions Crisis, and when she sees Bart Simpson.
  • Speedy - “Sometimes when you save a civilian from a crime, they will complain that you weren't Speedy.”
  • Aquaman (Teen Titans Go!) - Starfire will ask regular Aquaman if they are still friends when she sees him.

The Goonies

  • Superman (Fictional) - Sloth mentions liking the fictional Superman from the '80s era in his quotes.

The LEGO Batman Movie

The LEGO Movie

  • Vitruvius - One of Emmet's lines mentions "someone" that stole a quote from a cat poster and Wyldstyle mentions him in one of her idle lines.

The Lord of the Rings

The Powerpuff Girls

  • Mrs. Bellum - A civilian will sometimes comment "Did you know that Mrs. Bellum is the new face of Townsville?" in The Powerpuff Girls World.
  • The Fashionista Gang - The Fashionista Gang are mentioned by a civilian in The Powerpuff Girls World.
  • Janitaur - Blossom Mentions him when speaking to Doc Brown.
  • Princess Morbucks' Gang - They are mentioned in Princess Morbucks' quest Mo' Bucks, Mo' Problems. Her tiger is also specifically mentioned.
  • Aquaman (Super Friends) - Buttercup references her encounter with Super Friends Aquaman when seeing regular Aquaman.
  • Wonder Woman (Super Friends) - Blossom Mentions her encounter with Super Friends Wonder Woman when they seeing regular Wonder Woman.
  • Mrs. Mayor - The Mayor of Townsville will mention her during his quest.
  • Space Towtruck - When unable to do a puzzle, Buttercup mentions Space Towtruck in one of her lines.

The Simpsons

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