The Locate Keystone is an unlockable in-game Keystone when you defeat Sauron in Painting the Town Black in Year 1 of LEGO Dimensions.


The symbol of the Keystone appears to be a compass with the needle pointing to the upper right. Above the compass is a crescent shape with a blue dot connected between and the bottom appears to be an upside down number four.


The Locate Keystone allows players to summon other characters and objects from the LEGO multiverse to help complete a certain task. To activate this, players must find a crack of shining light and open it.

For example, using Locate in Testing Chamber 05 in GLaD to See You will summon Homer Simpson with his famous wrecking ball scene from The Simpsons Movie. This will wreck a section that will allow you to build a lever to help clear the stage.

Once the task is complete, the summoned character/item and/or characters/items are usually returned to his/her/its/their original dimension.

List of Summoned Characters and Objects


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