Make Mojo Great Again is a quest found in The Powerpuff Girls World given by Mojo Jojo.


Starting the Quest

Mojo has been feeling a little down lately, His plans seem to be having a much lower chance of success, then the rate of success his plans previously had had when he attempted them. And that makes Mojo sad, disappointed... and some more dramatic individuals would say "distraught'.

But you! Perhaps you are a predicament solver, the one who is here to help me out with a predicament. If you were to perhaps get me a MacGuffin, er I mean... a muffin... Then that would make Mojo very happy indeed!

Finishing the Quest

Curses! Well you may have bested my robotic canines, but you did bring me my muffin? No. I thought not! We should call it even, now, there is no need for you to become violent or anything like that, No, no need for that.

The violent retribution which you may be now feeling, that you are entitled to, is not a necessarily! And you will not be reimbursed for acting in the event of acting in such a capacity!


  • This mission’s title is likely a reference to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”.
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