Mashup Monday is a series of sketches developed by LEGO and posted on LEGO's official LEGO Dimension Youtube page. The Sketches often involve characters from different franchises.

Does it Come in Black?:

This sketch features, Shaggy (Scooby-Doo) and Batman (DC Comics). In this sketch, Shaggy and Batman are in a negotiation over some sort of "mystery vehicle". This sketch also shows the DeLorean Time Machine that appears in the end of the sketch, as well as Batman asking if it also comes in black, hinting that you can change the colors of any vehicle or gadget upon upgrading them.

When Monkeys Fly:

This sketch features Kai (Ninjago) and Batman (DC Comics). In this sketch, Kai tries to persuade Batman to let him drive the Batmobile. At first, Batman declines the offer, saying he'll only allow Kai to do so if monkeys will fly, only for the statement to come too soon when they see the Wicked Witch of the West (who then mocks the Batmobile as a 'nice ride') and her Flying Monkeys flying above them.


  • Originally, the sketches were supposed to be released every Monday since the announcement of LEGO Dimensions, but only two have come out.
  • All sketches feature Batman.


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