Max's Henchman
Max's Henchman
Character Information
Name Max's Henchman
Gender Male
Franchise Mission: Impossible
Weapons/Accessories Laptop
Vehicles and/or Gadgets None
Occupation Arms Dealer/Employee of Max
Residence Unknown
Max's Henchman is one of the non-playable characters in LEGO Dimensions from the Mission: Impossible franchise.


He was seen with his boss Max trying to upload the stolen NOC list from Ethan Hunt onboard a Eurostar train but Luther Stickell stopped the transmission and it was lost upon entering the Channel Tunnel. He was later arrested along with Max.


  • He was portrayed by Andreas Wisniewsk in the first film. Archive Audio was used of his performance for the Mission: Impossible level but he was uncredited.
  • His appearance in the game is different to his appearance in the film. In the film he wore a suit.
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