Welcome to the


We're excited for you to help out.

Follow these rules (no breaking the rules here, unlike in the game) and you will do great on this wiki!

  • Don't create or add content to articles without some kind of publicly verifiable source.
  • Don't post inappropriate content on the wiki. Doing so will result in an infinite block from editing.
  • Don't upload images that aren't related to LEGO Dimensions or LEGO in general on mainspace or blogs; for example: from a TV series or film. However, you may do so ONLY for your own userspace.
  • Respect the Wiki staff.
  • Respect other users and their beliefs. Insulting someone's religion, culture, or being racist will result in a block.
  • Respect other user's opinions, just because they don't like the same thing as you (or vise versa), doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it.
  • Don't revive old or answered threads and blogs.
  • Don't add categories to your profile page, unless you are adding your corresponding staff categories (only if you are one).
  • Don't promote or advertise your or someone else's Wiki on the LEGO Dimensions Wiki.
  • Don't add inappropriate content to your profile page or any page. This will result in a straightaway a block.
  • Categories should not be overly broad and should only be related to the game.
  • Don't add trivia irrelevant to LEGO Dimensions to pages.
  • Don't be a mini-moderator.