aka TyroAlert

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    • Khairiboss0601 wrote:

      Nintenzilla wrote: I don't mean to drag any of this further, but I don't think that he's really TyroAlert, in fact I don't even think he knows who he is.

      I can tell because they act totally different from one another.

      I'm pretty sure it's him. Wikia's accounts rarely get hacked. I think it's the same person who is TyroAlert. And the person who hacked accounts normally get a block straightaway from the STAFF.

      It may just be me but the reason why I don't think it's TyroAlert is because he found out about him on Augest 28th, and on September 13th said something very suggestive to a user on a blog of his.

      A few hours after it was settled, he started using the alias "TyroAlert", and stated that TyroAlert had hacked his account, so I think that he used the whole thing as a way of excusing himself from flaming another user.

      That and the real TyroAlert was actually a pretty tame guy, he certainly didn't spam and use profanity.

      But I dunno, that's just me I guess.

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