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Ethan Hunt
Mission: Impossible is a playable Mission: Impossible level in LEGO Dimensions that can be accessed upon purchase of the 71248 Level Pack.


Citizen in Peril

Benji Dunn is on top of a giant bomb attempting to disable it. To help him, you must go over the right side of the CIA Headquarters and use a character or vehicle with the Silver LEGO Blowup Ability to reveal a fake wall. You must then use a character with the Drill Ability character to drill the wall to reveal an IMF Disguise Scanner. You will then need touse a charcter woth the Scan Disguise Ability to disguise as a security guard to disable the lasers. You'll need a character with the Magic Ability to send a pair of pliers to cut the four main wires and relieve him from his duties.

Rule Breaker

  • 470,000 studs

Abilities Needed to Complete the Level 100%


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Differences from the Film

  • Jim Phelps didn't run away from his airplane seat upon the tape's self-detonation. In the film, he was still sitting down and the tape then explodes.
  • Sarah, Jack, Golitsyn, and Claire's deaths are not fully shown.
  • Ethan meets Max in the car, straightaway, as shown in the level. In Mission: Impossible, he has to remove his hat and use a scalp.
  • Ethan uses a lobster to remove a part of Franz's helicopter's wings, as well as using a toilet plunger onto the train window in order to avoid getting impaled. The film didn't feature this at all.
  • One of the IMF Agents who died during the Prague incident in the film, Hannah Williams, is removed from the game.
  • Claire was present during the scene where Ethan makes an email correspondence with Max. She showed up moments later after that scene in the film.
  • Kittridge's framing Ethan's mom and uncle for drug trafficking is removed from the game (possibly due to the drugs reference), so are his talk with Ethan on the phone while the latter was in London and Ethan seeing Jim still alive behind his back.



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