Mo' Bucks, Mo' Problems is a quest found in The Powerpuff Girls World given by Princess Morbucks.


Starting the Quest

It's my favourite time of year... Performance Reviews! My entourage are on a break right now and you know frankly, I think they could all do a better job. Or at least I can make them think that by pre-emptively hiring their replacements.

I'm looking for a very specific group of individuals. Well warm bodies mostly, But they should at least look similar to their replacements, so we can have some sort of squaring up scene. It's gonna be a whole thing, I'll pay you if you help me.

Finishing the Quest

Perfect. These guys should help a lot in the contact renegotiations. Though first we'll need to get them outfitted with sunglasses - and get rid of the smell of 'poor'.

This off-brand entourage is really gonna put my guys on their toes. You can have this as a reward. Don't worry I have like 480 of these already. Twice over.

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