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Nightwing (Teen Titans Go!)
Nwing ttg
Character Information
Name Nightwing (Teen Titans Go!)
Gender Male
Franchise Teen Titans Go!
Occupation Superhero
Residence Future Jump City

Nightwing (Teen Titans Go!) is one of the non-playable characters featured in LEGO Dimensions. He is Robin's future counterpart. 


Nightwing was first introduced in the episode "Sandwich Thief" where the Titans go into the future to find out who "stole" Robin's sandwich. Nightwing is revealed to be living alone. In the episode "Responsibility", Nightwing is shown again, but this time living with Batgirl and having a kid. He is then shown briefly in "Batman vs. Teen Titans: Dark Injustice" where Robin turns into Nightwing and Starfire falls in love with him.

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