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This could destroy the space-time continuum! I don't belong here! Not now!
— Doc Emmett Brown

Once Upon A Time Machine in the West is a playable level in LEGO Dimensions based around Back to the Future

 Story Mode Plot

After collecting all 5 Keystones, Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle detect a power signature and follow it to the 1885 version of Hill Valley. They come across Mayor Hubert, the town’s mayor, who demonstrates an ill-fated attempt at introducing electricity to the town. He invites them to visit the town and informs them of the ongoing town fair.

Seeing as there's nothing going on, they decide to help the area‘s locals. After some time, the crowd moves on and the heroes go to the main street. However, they notice something in the sky; thinking it's the cause of the power signature, the trio stare in awe as Doc Brown driving the DeLorean appears after being struck by lightning in 1955. After noticing that he's in 1885, he asks them to help move the DeLorean, stating that anyone seeing an actual car in 1885 could lead to severe consequences. They hide the car in a wagon, and Doc Brown thanks them while heading to the mines, also warning them of Mad Dog Tannen.

Progressing down the main street, all the citizens are panicking and hiding as the trio finds a cowboy in front of them, who they suspect to be Mad Dog. However, they quickly see the real Mad Dog throwing Seamus McFly out of the Saloon. Batman, noticing something on Wyldstyle's Relic Scanner, suspects that the cowboy is the cause of the power signature. The cowboy challenges the heroes to a duel until Wyldstyle reminds Batman that none of them have an actual gun. The cowboy, revealed by the power signature to be Lord Vortech, quickly pulls out his staff and drives them away by summoning The Daily Planet. He then blocks them with the Kwik-E-Mart, The Valiant, The Statue of Liberty, the Sphinx, and MetalBeard’s Sea Cow, all to no avail. Eventually, the trio reaches Vortech and goad him into a real battle, only for him to summon a barrier which Wyldstyle recognises as the walls on Vorton. This causes Gandalf to realize that the villains they've fought so far were merely pawns, with Vortech replying that he's not even on the chessboard, but he’s the hand controlling every piece. The heroes fight him with the Locate Keystone but eventually retreat back to Vorton as he's too strong. After taunting them, Vortech begins to look for the Flux Capacitor, as it's the Foundation element for Back to the Future.

Shortly afterwards, Marty and Doc Brown land the DeLorean and find the ridiculous amount of wreckage left behind by Vortech, humourously citing that it was the result of them destroying the space-time-continuum.


Citizens in Peril

Near the area where Honest Joe Statler is standing next to his business billboard, you can hear Clara screaming for some help while riding an out-of-control horse. There is a plant shoot near where Clara is struggling. You need a character or vehicle with the Plant Growth Ability to water the plant for it to grow a giant carrot that the horse can eat, bringing Clara to safety.

Rule Breaker

Abilities needed to complete the Level 100%


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  • The name of this level is a reference to the classic 1968 film "Once Upon a Time in the West".
  • In the intro of the level, there are some references to The LEGO Movie's The Old West. The music in the intro is the music from the world in the game, and a pianist in a saloon can briefly be heard playing "Everything Is Awesome" from the movie.
  • The secret area in this level is Hill Valley (2015), which can only be accessed by the Time Travel Ability.
  • When the heroes help Doc Brown move the DeLorean, he mentions that he's off to the mines, alluding to the fact that he hid the DeLorean in a mine so Marty and 1955 Doc Brown would find it several years later and repair it. This suggests that the level takes place directly after the second Back to the Future movie.
  • There is a glitch that can happen during the part where Lord Vortech turns into an eagle where you can fall to a later section of the level.
  • Clara's Citizen in Peril moment is a reference to Back to the Future III, wherein she rented a horse to get to 1885 Hill Valley after someone failed to fetch her, only for the horse to have a panic attack from seeing a snake, causing her death by falling into the Shonash/ Clayton/ Eastwood Ravine in the original timeline prior to Doc Brown and Marty McFly's intervention in the film.
  • Many fans unfamiliar with the Doctor Who franchise mistook The Valiant for the SHIELD Helicarrier from the Marvel Cinematic Universe series.


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