P.K.E. Meter
PKE Meter
Item Information
Name P.K.E. Meter
Used by Egon Spengler
The P.K.E. Meter is one of the Foundation Elements, appearing in the Ghostbusters franchise.


The P.K.E. Meter was a device created by Egon Spengler for the purposes of tracking paranormal entities for the purposes of capturing ghosts. It works by tracking psychokinetic energy and this will direct the user to its source. It is the oldest piece of ghostbusters technology built before the formation of the ghostbusters or the creation of the proton pack.

Dimensions Crisis

The PKE Meter appears in the level The Phantom Zone and is the target of General Zod's invasion. Egon seen using it in while out capturing ghosts but it is taken from him by Zod who traps ghostbusters and then procedues to takeover only to have Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle fight and defeat him allowing them to retrieve the PKE Meter.


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