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That's right, leave it to Batman, again
— Batman

Painting the Town Black is a playable level in LEGO Dimensions based around DC Comics.

Story Mode Plot

In Metropolis, reporters are clamouring over the sudden appearance of the Locate Keystone, however, Sauron appears, at first getting a lot of attention due to the reporters thinking he's wearing an elaborate costume. He is warned to stay back as the area wasn't safe. He agrees before getting physical and picks up the keystone, using it to park Bara-Dur right on top of LexCorp. Meanwhile, the heroes arrive, Batman recognizing the area as Metropolis, while Wyldstyle notices Superman, who gets sucked into a vortex. Gandalf is horrified to see Bara-Dur, as it meant that Sauron is here.

Making their way downtown, deactivating barriers deployed by LexCorp using the Scale Keystone, they encounter Two-Face, having brutally turned an Oliphant into a weapon, the heroes intervene, and free the Oliphaunt. Confronting Sauron, he denies that he's working on someone else's orders, and summons a Dalek ship under them. After damaging the ship, he fights them himself, using the Locate Keystone to summon the Bat-Signal, Gandalf's cart, and Otto's school bus, which the heroes use as a light source to defeat him. After his defeat, he gets turned into a block and is sucked into a vortex to Foundation Prime, along with the Locate Keystone, but Wyldstyle manages to grab it on time and use it to create a vortex back to Vorton.


Citizens in Peril

Lois is trapped in a glass cage in this level. You will need a character, vehicle or gadget with Sonar Smash Ability to break it and free her.

Rule Breaker

Abilities needed to complete the Level 100% 


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  • The secret area of the level is Atlantis.
  • This is the last Story Mode level to introduce a keystone.
  • The name of the achievement for completing the level is based on The Lord of the Rings phrase: "One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor" from The Fellowship of the Ring, but with Mordor being replaced by Metropolis.


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