This is the transcript page for the level Paranormal Beginnings.

The Aldridge Mansion

Higgins Institute of Science

Into the Aldridge Mansion

Encounter with Gertrude Aldridge

Gertrude Aldridge Defeated

The Mercado Building

  • Rowan: Trust in your abilities and the universe shall bend before your will.
  • Desk Clerk: Hey weirdo, we have a clogged toilet in 1843.
  • Rowan: Absolutely. Nothing would make me happier.

Return to Higgins Institute of Science

  • Abby Yates: Erin, we are sorry that you lost your job but there has be a "glass is half full" aspect of it. I mean we saw a real ghost.
  • Abby Yates: And she was beautiful.
  • Jillian Holtzmann: Till she dislocated her jaw and ecto-projected all over you.
  • Abby Yates: Ok, we are on the cusp of something here. A real discovery.
  • Abby Yates: Unlike your university, this institute is one hundred percent behind us.
  • Erin Gilbert: Really?
  • Abby Yates: We just have to go upstairs and ask for more money.
  • Erin Gilbert: C'mon guys. I think we can really do this. We can become the first scientists to prove the existence of the paranormal.
  • Abby Yates: Hey. There's the Erin I remember. Welcome back.
  • Jillian Holtzmann: Me and slim will go liberate some more equipment.
  • Abby Yates: I'll go find a sweet new base for operations.
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