The Phase Keystone is a new in-game Keystone that players can unlock with the 71264 Story Pack in Year 2 of LEGO Dimensions.


The symbol comprised of 3 colored circles: blue, orange and pink aligned with 2 lines at both endpoints down to the smaller circle.


The Phase Keystone allows players to bring out a section of an area from 3 particular franchises and use them to solve the puzzle or progress the game. To bring out the phased location, players place their characters on three color pad (blue, orange and pink).

But once the characters are registered on their color pad, they will be assigned to that area color. For example, if Batman is placed on the orange color pad, he will be assigned to the color area and he cannot interact with the other color areas besides his own.

Phased Locations/Characters


  • The Keystone's function is similar to the Locate Keystone, except it randomly sends out a particular object or character from a franchise as opposed to pre-selected locations the Phase Keystone provides.
  • In The Final Showdown Story Pack level, the keystone is used along with the Phantom Zone Projector as part of a cannon used to send 10 enemies back to the Phantom Zone.
    • If you hit the Dalek mothership with the cannon, you get rewarded with a Minikit.
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