Phone Home
Phone Home
Owner E.T.
Abilities Phone Home
Sonar Smash
Set 71258 Fun Pack
Phone Home   Mobile Uplink   Super-Charged Satellite    
The Phone Home is an E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial gadget in LEGO Dimensions. It is E.T.'s personal gadget, and is included in 71258 Fun Pack.



  • In the movie, E.T. built the phone out of different pieces from simple electronic gadgets (a calculator for example). In the game, it's a regular 80's telephone.
    • It bears a resemblance to the phone seen near the beginning of the film, though said phone has a very minor role in the film.
    • The Mobile Uplink bears a more remarkable appearance to the phone that E.T. built in the film.
  • The gadget's name, Phone Home is a reference to one of E.T's quotes, "E.T phone home."
  • The Phone Home is one of the only gadgets to be in a Fun Pack. The other gadgets are the Slime Shooter, the Lunatic Amp and the Arrow Launcher.
  • This gadget allows a character to call out Elliott in order to ride around in his BMX Bike.
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