Pickle Paradise is a quest found in The Powerpuff Girls World given by The Mayor of Townsville.


Starting the Quest

The grand reopening of the Townsville Pickle Museum is going to be a disaster. I thought I took care of everything! Ms Bellum would have been proud but...

I forgot to actually get any pickles! I even went to the grocery store earlier because Mrs. Mayor needed some moustache cream and we walked straight past the pickles because she said we had plenty of them already. But those are home pickels. We needed museum pickles!

This oickle situation is terrible, I could even be im-pickled, I mean "impeached"! You've got to help me out and find some pickles! Please?

Finish the Quest

Wonderful! Now the Museum can be opened up to the public again, this time with unicorn-resistant walls!

You've been a real help to me today, how would you like to be my new assistant? No? Why does everyone keep saying that? I've grown so much since Ms Bellum left, the staff even trusted me enough to reconnect the phone!

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