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Uh. Shouldn't we be over there?
— Wyldstyle
Prime Time is a playable level in LEGO Dimensions.

Story Mode Plot

The heroes find themselves finally at Foundation Prime but X-PO made some mistakes in his calculations because he was supposed to transport them to Lord Vortech's Temple, but he got the coordinates wrong. Batman, Wyldstyle, and Gandalf had to maneuver through Foundation Prime overcoming tests and being careful not to step on the ground as they would get sucked under.

Finally, they had made it to the Temple but just when Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle were about to take back the Foundation Elements, Lord Vortech caught them and started summoning baddies to take care of them.

They took out the baddies but they were too late. Lord Vortech had formed the Foundation for all Dimensions. He combined Robin, Frodo, and MetalBeard together to make The Tri. Luckily X-PO opened a rift and the heroes made their escape. After they were gone, Vortech used the Size Keystone to increase the height of The Tri and sent it to go after the heroes.


Citizens in Peril

Rule Breaker

Abilities needed to complete the Level 100%


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