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S'not fair! Sméagol does the riddleses!
— Gollum
Riddle-earth is a playable level in LEGO Dimensions based around The Lord of the Rings.

 Story Mode Plot

After escaping Aperture Science the trio find themselves diving into the gateway searching for an unspecified foundation element. Upon leaving the rift Gandalf realised they are in Middle-earth specifically Minas Tirith. Gandalf says the heroes will be welcome there but is shocked to see that Orcs have taken over the castle. After defending themselves from the Orcs and summoning the Animal King turret to destroy a blockade they make their way into the castle only to discover that The Riddler is in control of the castle and forces the heroes to venture through three rooms to remove a force shield. The first room is a fight with the Digital Overlord, the second is a fight with Brainiac and the third has been converted into a test chamber by GLaDOS. While progressing through these rooms The Riddler gives three clues to an upcoming fight in the form of riddles. Once the force shield is removed the heroes approach The Riddler only to find he has enslaved the Balrog and he challenges the heroes to a fight. Using the Keystones the trio are able to push the Balrog over the castle walls and confront The Riddler. Gollum Climbs up the wall and grabs The Riddler's leg causing them both to fall from the castle into a rift. Batman grabs the Palantir which Riddler had in his possession and the trio escape through a rift.


Citizens in Peril

  • Boromir
    • Boromir is found inside the third door and you will need a flying vehicle. Jump into it and hover to the top. Once there, you will notice a minifig in an energy prison. To free Boromir, back your ship away from the wall and you should notice a Flight Dock. Place your flying ship into the dock (landing into it) and perform the flight dock ability and it will free Boromir.

Rule Breaker

Abilities needed to complete the Level 100%


  • The name is a playoff of Middle-earth based on the name of The Riddler who assumes a major role in this level along with the Balrog.
  • The killer rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail makes a brief appearance in the cutscene before the boss fight against the Riddler.


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