The Rip Keystone is a new in-game Keystone that players can unlock with the 71242 Story Pack in Year 2 of LEGO Dimensions.


The symbol is comprised of three color circles: white, yellow and purple, which appears to be semi-merged together. Arrows are protruded out of the circles in three different directions: arrow for white circle protrudes upwards, while the arrow for the yellow protrudes to the left and the arrows for the purple protrudes to the right, means to represent the three circles try to pull each other out.


The Rip Keystone allows players to tear open a portal into 2 alternate versions of the area they're in and they'll be able to do certain things in these alternate areas, to help solve puzzles in the real world. All the player has to do is simply place their character onto either the pink or yellow section of the toy-pad to move their character into the alternate world.


  • If you put a new character down on one of the colored zones, that character will appear in that dimension. Ex: If you put down Gandalf on the yellow side while you're in the purple, he will appear in the yellow dimension
  • If you deactivate Rip while characters are in other dimensions, they will be sent back to the real world automatically.
  • This keystone is quite similar to the Shift keystone as it allows the character to transport between areas using portals.
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